1. The young are not receiving Godly teaching of sexual behavior. The pagan “church” has the children of professing Christian parents 175-180 days every year from preschool, kiddiegarten, grade school, hell school for 14-15 years. Many go on to University, the cauldron of all sorts of depravity. Even “Christian” schools are pits of hell, for they teach the same curriculum as the pagan “church” schools.
    The civil power in the USA collapsed before the onslaught. Georgia attempted to uphold its sodomy law but the sodomites who had infiltrated the judicial benches somehow found (in the “emanations of the penumbras” of the constitution, perhaps floating about in the “ether”?) that the sodomy law was unconstitutional as “vague” because it did not describe in excruciating detail the forbidden acts. Language such as “the abominable and detestable crime against nature, [which should] not to be named among Christians,” is too vague and ambiguous to inform the people of acts that are prohibited.
    Yeah, and the Bible never mentions a specific sexual act that is sinful. The inspired writers used broad general terms and euphemisms: “knew his wife,” “saw the nakedness of,” “adultery,” “fornication,” “uncleanness,” “wantonness,” and others. The only sinful sexual act that is described graphically is the depraved act of Onan, that he “spilled (destroyed/wasted) his semen on the ground.” The reader is expected to know what the terms and euphemisms mean.
    The Georgia case used by the sodomite judges to overthrow thousands of years of laws, common and statutory, restricting sexual activity was of a man who, in a divorce suit, mentioned that he had participated in oral-genital sodomy with his wife. He was then prosecuted and convicted of the forbidden depraved act. On appeal his conviction was overturned and the Georgia statute, and similar statutes of other states, “unconstitutional.”

  2. It is a shameful thing that teaching Christians to eschew sexual immorality has been neglected for so long that “abominable and detestable crimes against nature” (actually sins against God) “that are not to be named among Christians” have to be named or most have no idea what is being referred to. In short, any activity involving the procreative organs intendedther than natural copulation is “akatharsia,” “unclean,” and if done brazenly, unashamedly, “aselgeia,” with “utter shamelessness.”
    Sexual acts that no faithful Christian woman would do include:
    fellatio – taking the male procreative member in the mouth
    cunnilingus – contacting the female genital area with the mouth
    analingus – technically, contacting the anal area with the tongue but in the broad sense “anal sex”
    masturbation – intentional sexual stimulation of procreative organs with the hand but in the broad sense any sexual stimulation of oneself or the use of other than the corresponding organ of the opposite sex for sexual stimulation. Includes rubbing the male member on other than the vagina.
    Christians, especially the young nearing and past puberty, badly need proper instruction in what is and is not in harmony with God’s design. The procreative organs are not provided for only base sensual entertainment but for generating a seed to be raised up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
    No living creature but man seeks to avoid procreation. The first commandment given to man is “be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth [with your kind – implied].”

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