1. The problem with the world is that it prefers to see worldly ordinances and papers, proving that a person would be able to do a certain thing. In theological colleges more time is spend to philosophy and writings of man instead of spending time to the Word of God.
    The people of God where not all educated scholars and Jesus disciples and apostles where not all men who went to a high school. The preaching in the early years of Chrisitanity and Christendom took place by people who studied the WORD of GOD and followed the commands of God.
    Today in Christendom we do see that the majority now follows human doctrines and not Biblical doctrines. This way the world was again taken by the world.

    Those leading a church should best be people with experience who know very well the Scriptures. Those elders do not have to have a university degree in theology, but should be real followers of Christ and real believers, living according to their faith.

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