3 comments on “This Is Truth Ministry with Bishop O.W. Prince – January 7, 2015 Edition / “I Had A Dream”

  1. Amen Bishop! Once I fully understood this, I have made that effort in doing what it takes to love God, to show God that I love Him and to love Him with all my heart and soul and mind and strength. Of course it wasn’t easy at first, it’s quite different than what we are used to doing as opposed to loving our parents, spouses, children etc. I find that by keeping His commandments is one way as His Scripture says. By keeping His commandments, that act of love becomes easier and easier to where I don’t even think about not sinning. I prayed and asked how do I love you with all of my heart and soul and mind and strength. I believe the answer I received from Him was in turning my faith and beliefs into action. Like constantly and continually reading His Word, constantly and continually praying, and sometimes praying for as long as it takes until you reach His Spirit, which would take strength in praying for any length of time than you are normally used to doing? I find that if you constantly and continually make that effort of focusing on Him and His Word throughout the day and night, this works as well. By continuing to put your faith and God’s Word into action you are loving Him as He requires us to do. Before you know it, this becomes habit and soon not a chore. Just thought I’d pass on my personal testimony in how I have tried to achieve this. Of course this is an ongoing lifestyle and I’m still trying to do my best to perfect it. God Bless you and your family and to all that are struggling to find their way in Jesus. All Praise and Glory to Jesus Christ our Saviour and to God our Father and creator of all things!

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